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Women suffering domestic violence helped by Nirbhaya Squad in Jaipur

Jaipur, Oct 11 (IANS) Under the 'Safer City, Safe Street' campaign being run by Jaipur police, many cases of domestic violence are being resolved in a different manner by the Nirbhaya Squad, an all-women police team, which has been counselling couples together and individually if required.

According to Rahul Prakash, Jaipur Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, the campaign is being run under State Deputy Commissioner of Police Richa Tomar, who along with Nirbhaya team members has been resolving the problems of women facing domestic violence.

Tomar said, "During patrolling, our team members, including Shashi Bala and Usha, saw a girl with her mother crying on the street. The team stopped them and asked the reason to which the woman said she was beaten by her husband. The police team went to her house and counselled the husband to apologize to his wife."

In another case, the patrolling team of the Nirbhaya Squad was stopped by a woman and her daughter who complained about the husband, alleging that he was a drunkard who has been torturing both of them. The husband was called to the police station and counselled. He promised that he will never again beat his wife and children.

In yet another case, a woman complained that her husband beat her as they have two daughters and no son. The team visited her house and asked the husband to behave nicely with his wife and children. They gave their number to the wife and her children asking them to call any time if they needed to.

Tomar said 45 such cases of domestic violence have been resolved under 'Operation Safer City, Safer Street' which was launched on September 24 this year.

The identity of those women who do not register a complaint against their family or husband is not disclosed. In such cases, police counsel the family members. The contact numbers of the Nirbhaya team are given to such women, Tomar added.

The Nirbhaya Squad is an all-women police team patrolling on motorbikes. Recently, they launched an operation to check eve-teasing where they patrol in plainclothes and teach the miscreants a lesson when caught red-handed.