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Tovino Thomas reveals why he didn't beef up for his part in 'Minnal Murali'

Mumbai, Jan 6 (IANS) Actor Tovino Thomas, who has received a positive response for his superhero movie 'Minnal Murali', opened up about the reason behind not beefing up for his part in the film.

The actor wanted to show the natural progression of his character into a superhero. Hence, he decided to portray the character in the most natural way.

Commenting on the same, the actor said, "My character is not someone who works out in the movie. So he is naturally a bit chubby in the beginning. It's only when he gets hit by lightning, his body undergoes transformation. But it's very gradual and very believable."

He added, "We didn't go for extreme workouts and I didn't have to look like a bodybuilder. Even in the end, I had to look like a common man who has gotten superpowers."

'Minnal Murali' directed by Basil Joseph, is an origin story of the eponymous Malayalam superhero played by Tovino Thomas. The film, which also stars Aju Kurian Varghese and Guru Somasundaram, is available to stream on Netflix.