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TN: College students forcibly given TCs citing low online attendance

Chennai, Nov 16 (IANS) Several colleges in rural districts of Tamil Nadu are forcibly giving transfer certificates (TC) to students citing low online attendance.

Most of the students were called and informed that their Transfer Certificates were ready and asked them to collect it.

Rajesh. K, a second year student of a private art and science college at Erode, has lodged a complaint with the District collector stating that the college principal had called him and asking him to leave the college by accepting the Transfer Certificate.

The student when contacted by IANS said, "I am a farm help to my parents and don't have much time to attend classes online. Whenever I am ready to attend classes, I do not get a proper signal and this has created a problem with the College and the authorities have asked me to leave the college."

Students of colleges in Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli, Salem, Madurai, when contacted, said that they were being targeted by private colleges citing low attendance.

Another student at a college in Virudhunagar, on a condition of anonymity, said: "I told the college authorities that I don't have a smartphone but they said that it was not their concern."

Principal of a private college in Erode while speaking to IANS said, "We do not know what their exact issue is. Despite being asked, they did not communicate to us."

The College principal said that several students are skipping the classes thinking that they need not attend classes to appear in examinations. The College authorities feel that some of the parents are also exploiting the leniency given to the students.

In Salem also, several students complained that they were being forced to accept the Transfer Certificate even though they wanted to continue their education.

A student who was pursuing his second year BA in English literature said, "The college principal is calling me again and again. He told me that I will have to accept the certificate and that continuing me in the class was difficult for the college. I am the first one in my family to attend a college and I want to somehow complete and pass the exam."

Most of the students contacted by IANS said that they want to complete their courses and to get a degree certificate and that they will not accept the Transfer Certificate.