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'Sita' Dipika Chikhlia To Visit Her 'In Laws' In Ayodhya

'Sita' Dipika Chikhlia To Visit Her 'In Laws' In Ayodhya

Already immortal, Dipika Chikhlia, Arbon-ka-Sita (that much Sagar Films who made Ramayan made then and even now are enjoying royalty), Ram's Sahadharmini Sita, is all set to visit her in-laws in Ayodhya, the dates for which are now being fixed, what with now all paths fully clear for construction of the Bhavya Ram Mandir and the Ayodhya Kingdom wherein lived Raja Dasarath and his wife Kaushalya(Ram's mother)+other wives Sumitra and Kaikeyee and their children + all others. Dipika, still reminding her neighbors in Mumbai of Sita etc of Ramayan, cherishes the role of Sita she played in Ramayan serial which now is being shown in Doordarshan. She still fondly recollects that when she was Lok Sabha MP from 1989 to 1996, she was constantly addressed to as SitaJi, Sita Mata, Sita Amma etc although she was very young then but she became synonymous with Sita as they all said that Sita and She were synonymous with each other. Today also that same vibe continues.

In Ayodhya, she will do many a thing fulfilling her aim of "visiting Ayodhya" since she read Ramayan as a kid. She is extremely happy that now all decks are clear for the re=establishment of Ayodhya Kingdom. As for Ravan, Lanka, she has no worry as Ram will take care of him and destroy him and his associates easily.

Dipika Chikhlia now Topiwala actually is an actress known

for playing Devi Sita in Ramanand Sagar's all time television serial hit Ramayan and for acting in other Indian TV serials. She is also known for her debut film Sun Meri Laila (1983), opposite Raj Kiran and three Hindi films with Rajesh Khanna, which were Rupaye Dus Karod, Ghar Ka Chiraag and Khudai. She did one Malayalam film Ithile Iniyum Varu with Super Star Mammootty, her Kannada hits were Hosa Jeevana with Shankar Nag and Indrajith with Ambarish. She had one Tamil hit film, Nangal with Prabhu, and one Bengali hit film, Asha O Bhalobasha , opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee. She also had acted in few Gujarati movies like Jode Rahejo Raj and Laju Lakhan, opposite Gujarati Super Star Naresh Kanodia.

Later, Chikhlia played the female lead role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar's television serial Ramayan. Before starring in Ramayan, she was the part of Ramanand Sagar's Vikram Aur Betaal. She continued getting lead roles in hit TV serials like The Sword of Tipu Sultan and Luv Kush. Her only hits in Hindi films were Ghar Ka Chiraag and Rupaye Dus Karod, both of which had Rajesh Khanna in the lead. She got more footage in the film Khudai, but the film was a commercial failure. She played the romantic lead of Rajesh Khanna in two films, Ghar Ka Chirag and Khudai. Her Kannada film as the lead heroine opposite Shankar Nag was a box office hit and her Bengali films Asha O Bhalobasha, opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee and Tamil film Naangal opposite Prabhu were box office hits. She also got a supporting role in a Malayalam movie, Ithile Iniyum Varu, which had Mammootty in the lead. …"I know only one thing that I am an actor. I have never fooled myself that I am Sita. … Because television impacted people in a big way. If you watch anything regularly then that starts changing your mindset. Religion is attached with your emotions and especially when you play a character that people like and want to see then that has a greater impact. Such epic characters are never seen in real. We can only imagine the face of Ram and Sita but Ramanand Sagar has given a face. After watching almost 4 years on TV, people started believing that the face of Ram and Sita was like this. … No. Never I tried to relate myself with real Sita (of Ramayan) or tried to follow her ideology because Sita was very strong person. You can not relate with any such character because they are very different, heavenly."