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Priyanka complains against Mamata for flouting COVID protocol


Ashok Chatterjee

Kolkata (The Hawk): After the Trinamool Congress (TMC) complained against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Priyanka Tibrewal for braking COVID protocol during her filing of nomination papers, Priyanka’s election agent Sajal Ghosh, on Thursday, complained to the returning officer against TMC candidate Mamata Banerjee for the same offence.

“She visited a gurudwara at Bhabanipur with a large number of people, flags and vehicles exceeding the rules and the regulations set by the Election Commission of India (EC). Her supporters were seen flaunting the COVID rules by not wearing masks and not using sanitizers. She visited the religious place and influenced and bribed the voters by giving offerings at the gurudwara,” read the letter.

Meanwhile, while campaigning in the Bhabanipur constituency, Priyanka alleged that the cops in civvies were tailing her all the time and in a way also building to the confusion that she is surrounded by her supporters, which again is against COVID protocols.

“If the police are keen on giving me protection, they should come in uniform. Moreover, I haven’t sought protection from Kolkata Police, who refused to take complaints in post-poll violence,” said Priyanka.

“You are from the police force, I agree, but why in plainclothes? The EC has written to me for breaking protocols. But if these people come after me then EC will say that I am accompanied by a crowd. How can I tell them that these are policemen?” she argued with the cops.  

She then asked them to maintain a safe distance from her.

The cops in plainclothes could be heard saying, “We are entitled to work in civvies. I will convey it to higher authorities.”

During her campaign at Roy Street and Purna Cinema area, a few TMC supporters didn’t allow Priyanka to campaign and started demonstrating against her. There was a situation when the supporters of both the parties came face to face. The TMC supporters chanted “Joy Bangla” while BJP supporters shouted “Jai Shree Ram”.

Former Union minister Debasree Chowdhury and former BJP national general secretary Rahul Sinha also campaigned for Priyanka on Thursday.