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Soft Skills Training Program

Soft Skills Training Program
Dehradun The Hawk): Tula's Institute hosted a Soft Skills Training Program on the college premises today. The program was organized by the Graduate School of Business (GSB), and the speaker on the occasion was Dr. Amit Joshi.
The training program was organized to make students excel in soft skills communication, enhance their managerial skills, and train them to get selected in an interview.
Possessing experience of 18 years in the Students cum Faculty Development Program, speaker Dr. Amit Joshi informed that the basic needs for getting selected are not just following the orthodox techniques of interview skills but also getting involved and enjoying the interview selection process. He added that this very idea brings positivity in body language, which he considers the Thumb Rule.
Amit further informed about the Final Objectives - Name, Money, Business Tycoon, Fame, Health & Position. He also mentioned the IPO Models of Development, i.e., Input, Processing, and Output, where he made the audience aware of how an interviewee is the center of attention during an interview.
Amit also taught the students about mapping their skills like identifying, analyzing, and evaluating, and discussed the Process of Selection, i.e., Identify, Apply, Interact, and Select. He concluded with his matrix Selection, wherein the skills required are Selling & Negotiation which are the Acquired Skills, and Communication & Recording which are the Possessed Skills.
By the end of the training program, the participating students got to learn how to face an interview with confidence and how to enjoy it. They learned how to analyze someone and know their strength & weakness, how to map themselves to be alert and focused, and learned what the company wants from them and vice-versa.