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Congress's Prabhulal Bahuguna Hosts Raipur Vidhansabha Booth-Level Workers' Conference

Congress's Prabhulal Bahuguna Hosts
Dehradun (The Hawk): Congress's Prabhulal Bahuguna hosts Raipur Vidhansabha Booth Level Worker's Conference
24th November 2021, Dehradun: In view of the upcoming assembly elections in Uttarakhand, the State Congress Committee of the 19-Raipur Vidhansabha organized the 'Booth Level Party Workers Conference' at Mittal Wedding Point on Raipur Road today. The conference was organized by the Former Block Chief of Raipur Prabhulal Bahuguna under the Congress party initiative 'Mera Booth Mera Gaurav'.
During the program, the in-charge of the booth committee called upon the booth-level workers of Raipur Vidhansabha to strengthen the party at the booth level for the upcoming assembly elections.
While addressing the booth-level workers present during the conference, booth training management in charge Jot Singh Bisht shed light on the 60 years of Congress versus seven years of BJP under Mera Booth Mera Gaurav training campaign. It was discussed in the conference how the supporters of the BJP claim that India got independence in 2014, and how this claim is a disgrace to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the independence of 1947. Congress has contributed largely to the development of this country since independence, and unfortunately, BJP has been selling off the country to Adanis and Ambani's.
It is high time and we should now proactively act for the upcoming elections 2022. Mere two months are left and we need to win and emerge victorious for the betterment of Uttarakhand and its residents. If we work hard towards winning our respective booths, we will win the upcoming elections for sure.
During the conference, it was discussed how the people of Uttarakhand are fed up with the policies of the prevailing state government. For ensuring victory in the upcoming assembly elections, Congress workers present during the occasion were guided to conduct door-to-door campaigns to make voters aware of the plans and policies of the Congress party.
Present on the occasion were Ashwini Bahuguna, Vineet Dobhal, Manju Dobhal, Shanti Rawat, Mahendra Singh Negi, Sarita Bisht, Ghanshyam Pradhan, Ramesh Pradhan, Vijay Pratap Malla, and other Congress members.