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Priyanka Power Fast Catching Up In UP

Priyanka Gandhi

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Priyanka power is fast catching up in "mysterious (nothing being predictable herein unlike elsewhere in the country) up in entire UP, like it or not, adopt it or not...Discerning UPites after 1989, since the Congress was thrown away from the then 425-MLA UP power resulting in the party reduced to tatters, are again fast associating with the Congress under the Priyanka Gandhi-banner. The "all knowing" UPwallahs including the "seemingly lesser politicised" Western UPites of all hues are fast associating with "her", "her official vibes", "her utterances that incarnate their hope in UP's development for them, their prosperity, their partaking of in all that so that they are back again in (inter)national circulation as before or precisely, pre-1989 when Congress was in power, matter-of-factly opine intellectuals, political analysts in the state who themselves now are mighty frustrated, hapless. They without hiding any qualm of conscience frankly admit that UP since '89 has truly become Ulta Pradesh fraught with "unsuitable (for the state)" UP-society dividing innumerable phenomena now seriously threatening to divide the state culturally etc. 
Under the circumstances, admit UP's analysts without mincing words, Priyanka Gandhi is being seen as the "true" binding factor in the state that under her spell will become "reunited as single composite unit as before". Equipped with this belief and conviction, UP's citizens lock, stock and barrel converge in Priyanka Gandhi-gatherings in the state openly expressing "Priyanka Aap UP Samhalo, Hum Tamam UPwalle Aapke Saath Hain"..."Ab Ki Baaree, Congress Ki Baaree" etc.  Priyanka remains unfazed by such adulations as she has many long cumbersome miles to cross before she falls for such "ephemeral praises", say her aides including 'impressive' UP PCC Chief Ajai Lallu, toiling hard 'rejuvenating the Congress in UP keeping pace with Priyanka Gandhi whole heartedly'.