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TMC faces hurdles as it expands base in Tripura

Ashok Chatterjee

Kolkata (The Hawk): On Friday, the Trinamool Congress, faced hurdles on its expansion process and induction of new members in the party fold in Agartala, the capital city of the hill state.

But, despite hurdles around 22 workers from the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP, CPI(M) and Congress from Tripura joined the party in the presence of West Bengal higher education minister Bratya Basu and Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders Sushmita Dev, member of parliament Pratima Mondal and Jaya Dutta, state secretary WB-TMC at capital Agartala.

Sources in the party at Tripura said that the BJP-government in Tripura is suffering from insecurity as TMC is planning to strengthen their organisational structure in the state. They are resorting to severely undemocratic means to stop the party.  Said the source, “They cut off the electricity connection of the conference hall where we planned to conduct a joining meeting. The electricity was not restored even after two hours. We had to use a generator to carry on with the event. A similar incident had happened with West Bengal Trinamool Youth Congress president Saayoni Ghosh last month.”

The party's  Tripura unit through its official handle Twitted:

The message is LOUD & CLEAR!


We are not here to be cowed down by @BJP4Tripura.


@AITCofficial has already made its way into the hearts of the people of #Tripura and soon our presence will be felt across every single booth in the state.


A padyatra, which was scheduled to take place from Kaman Choumuhani to Orient Choumuhani was cancelled at the last moment. The party gave no official reason for it.

After the day’s developments and joining-ins, Sushmita Dev said, “The meeting was at 11am and they disconnected the connection half-an-hour prior to that. The way our leader Mamata Banerjee had taken Narendra Modi and Amit Shah head- on, who is Biplab Deb in front of her? He is just a pawn. Let the Tripura government try all its tricks and we will keep on increasing our membership. When Mamata Banerjee will step into Tripura, you would realise her power and see how many people are with the Trinamool Congress in the state.”

On Thursday afternoon, party sources alleged that around 80 BJP goons attacked TMC supporters in Udaipur area in which two Trinamool supporters namely Suman Sarkar and Ejaul Haque Sarkar have been gravely injured after the temple visit of party leader Sushmita Dev.