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BJP government imposes CrPc 144 in Agartala till November 4

 Tripura High Court

Ashok Chatterjee

Kolkata (The Hawk): Tripura High Court denied Trinamool Congress (TMC) the permission to hold a rally, to be led by all India general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Tuesday.

The BJP government has imposed Section 144 till November 4 in Agartala owing to the pandemic.

Tripura Advocate General Siddharta Dey said that in keeping with the ongoing pandemic and upcoming Durga Puja, the Tripura government had decided to impose CrPc 144 in East and West Tripura till November 4 leading to cancellation of all rallies and political programmes.

“The HC refused to interfere with West Tripura DM’s order of not permitting any political rally in the entire urban area of East and West Agartala police station areas till November 4,” said Siddharta.

TMC Rajya Sabha MP Shantanu Sen said in Agartala that the state ruling party leaders fear the TMC, leading the state government to impose Section 144 in Agartala.

“On September 11 we had written to the director general and superintendent of police for the rally on September 15. We were told that another political party has a programme lined up. Later, we came to know through our sources that the letter of permission by the other party was submitted after our letter. We later saw on the day that the political programme was not so big that they could not accommodate us,” said Sen.   

“TMC chief Mamata Banerjee is synonymous with the people of Tripura. People love her and this is a clear worry for the BJP in Tripura,” said Sen.

TMC Tripura leader Subal Bhowmick said that the TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee will visit Tripura on Wednesday.

“Even though we can’t conduct a rally, we will organise some other programme with Abhishek at the helm. The BJP is afraid of Royal Bengal tiger Abhishek Banerjee,” claimed Subal.

West Bengal BJP chief Sukanta Majumdar said that Abhishek should also visit every state and learn how the opposition party is treated there.

“The BJP workers in West Bengal are always heckled by TMC. The opposition is not given respect. Abhishek Banerjee should visit each and every state and not just Tripura to learn how the opposition is treated by the ruling party,” mentioned the BJP chief.

TMC Tripura spokesperson Biswajit Dev said that it is a “shameful” act by the BJP government. “I’m ashamed to see how low a government can stoop to stop someone. The BJP is afraid of Abhishek for which the BJP is doing all this. After he visits Tripura we will chalk out our future plans,” said Biswajit.

“All this is to just stop Abhishek. Had this been anyone else, such opposition would not have been there. Biplab Deb is getting cold sweat whenever he hears Abhishek’s name. In a democratic set up, everyone has a fundamental right to speak up. For the TMC it is a big plus point that the state government is afraid of the TMC,” said Sen.