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2 BJP MLAs Point Fingers At Tripura CM Deb, Party Counters Their Claims

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Ashok Chatterjee

Kolkata (The Hawk): After two sitting Bharatiya Janata party MLAs in Tripura, called a press meet, on Tuesday and lambasted their own government in the state, the saffron camp officially called a press conference late in the evening and without naming the two, put out clarifications on behalf of the ruling party.

BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman had criticized the Biplab Deb-led government for the deteriorating law and order problem on Tuesday. He was accompanied by another party colleague Ashish Saha.

The BJP spokesperson, Subrata Chakraborty, also hinted at some harsh measures against the two ‘rebel’ leaders.

Chakraborty said the party has been keeping track of the activities of the two leaders in question and have also ‘taken note’ of the press meet, earlier in the day.

“It is no surprise for us that they have got instant support from West Bengal Trinamool Congress leaders like Kunal Ghosh, Bratya Basu and Sushmita Dev. The statements by the two BJP MLAs are against the party and in sync with what the opposition is saying. They are enacting the opposition plan. This is to confuse the voters of Tripura just ahead of the polls,” said Chakraborty.

Many tainted persons, including leaders of opposition, have been coming to the state since August. Unfortunately they have now got support from the BJP MLAs. We appeal to the people of Tripura not to get distracted and confused by their actions, said Chakraborty.

“One of the MLA said he wrote to the DGP on law and order as a legislator. He is free to write, but did he take the permission of the party? The two have alleged that they were not involved in the election process by the party. This is an absolute lie. They were members of the 25-member committee formed by the party to look after the election preparations. Many times they were called for meetings regarding the election and their opinion sought but they strangely remained silent. Suddenly they have woken up and become active today. This is a question everyone is asking on the last day of campaigning,” clarified the party Tripura spokesperson.

The MLA, in question, had said that the hooligans, who are now acting on behalf of the BJP, were all CPI(M) members earlier. The party spokesperson requested everyone, including party members, to identify these people, who are trying to malign the BJP.

One of the MLAs, a minister earlier, has pointed fingers at the chief minister and the cabinet. It is not expected. He himself has said the party stands for the motto: Country first, then party and finally the person. Then how can the people be attacked. Is it to get the opposition mileage and confuse people or is there a deeper conspiracy? The party wants to know,” asked Chakraborty.

He added, “We have received complaints regarding their anti-party activities even before. We will take action after the civic election, after considering all the actions and evidence. There might be some harsh measures.”