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Mohali Youth Congress Observes Birthday Of PM As National Unemployment Day

Mohali Youth Congress
Mohali (The Hawk): Hundreds of workers of the Youth Congress led by President of District Youth Congress Mohali Kanwarbir Singh Sidhu today observed the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘National Unemployment Day’ and staged a protest at Landra chowk. 
Addressing the youth workers on the occasion, Kanwarbir Singh Sidhu bemoaned that in last one year 12.20 crore people have lost their livelihood and jobs. He said that the spiraling prices of of Petroleum products have escalated the prices of even the essential commodities thereby breaking the backbone of the common man. He said that to further aggravate the situation the Modi government had introduced draconian anti-farm laws, which were passed on this day last year, that too is aimed at making the youth and food grower’s stooges of big MNCs.
Kanwarbir Singh Sidhu said that employment opportunities have dwindled in the country during the misrule of the Modi government starting from 2014. He said that slow economic growth coupled with demonetization and now Covid have put a break on new employment opportunities in the country. He said first time since independence the rate of inflation has gone into double digit as currently it was 11.3%. 
He also said that on one hand people are reeling under lot of burden due to high prices rise, unemployment, corruption and other social maladies whereas Modi government had shamefully spent Rs 48880 crore of tax payers’s money for eulogizing their image in front of people through sustained media campaign. Likewise, he also slammed the Modi government for sowing the seeds of communalization thereby dividing the people on basis of caste, creed and religion. Kanwarbir Singh Sidhu said that there is nothing to rejoice on birthday of an incompetent and inefficient Prime Minister adding that rather it will be ever recorded as a black day in the annals of Indian political history.