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Two Killed In Bengaluru Blast At Crackers Warehouse: Karnataka HM

Bengaluru Blast

Bengaluru: Two people were killed in the explosion in a Bengaluru warehouse, due to the firecrackers stocked there, on Thursday, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said.
"This is a huge tragedy. The police, fire force, emergency services personnel have rushed to the spot. They are investigating how the incident has taken place. The police are taking all precautions but these incidents are happening," he said.
"I think it is the result of crackers. Since, Deepavali festival is around the corner and crackers are being stocked," he added.
Earlier the police, after preliminary investigations, had said that three persons had been killed but was it was difficult to ascertain as body parts were strewn around. Four persons suffered serious injuries in the explosion and the condition of one of them is said to be critical as he has suffered 72 to 75 per cent burns.
The deceased were identified as Muralidhar, and Aslam. Fayaz, who was earlier suspected to be dead, is being treated at the hospital and his condition is said to be serious. Meanwhile, V.V. Puram police have arrested the warehouse owner Babu and are questioning him. Sources said that one part of the building was used to stock crackers, and three boxes exploded, while 80 boxes each containing 15 to 20 kg remain intact.
However, the exact cause of the blast is yet to be ascertained. It was so strong that windows of houses located up to a distance of 200 metres were shattered. Bengaluru's DCP, East, Harish Pande, had earlier clarified that the blast was not due to a gas cylinder explosion, gas compressor or an electricity short circuit. "The blast seems to have been triggered by an unstable explosive. We have to investigate it," he had said.