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Now Baghel To Go


soumitra bose
New Delhi (The Hawk):
  Now Bhupesh Baghel to go...When in 2021, do as Punjab does. In P'b, Congress unceremoniously has removed Captain Amarinder Singh from state CMship after winning last assembly elections therein by doing piggy ride on the Captain. Now Baghel, riding on whom (he was the daring Chhattisgarh PCC President as even now) the Congress last time won assembly elections in the state, is being shown the door, hectic preparations for which already are underway, confide insiders in the party, with his successors' names being zeroed in on presently albeit, behind close doors or iron curtains as you may call it. 
        Names in Baghel's place being seriously weighed include: Ravinder Chaube, T S Singh Deo, Tamradhwaj Sahu, Premsai Singh Tekam, Mohammad Akbar, half a dozen "dark horses" whose names not yet have leaked out for reasons of "utmost secrecy", say insiders as matter of factly. Rahul Gandhi himself is perusing, scrutinising, sifting all above names weighing all pros and cons related with them, how best each of them will suit the Congress in Chh'garh as the "all masses loving, supporting partyman under whose leadership, the Congress will win next assembly elections in the state and form government again therein". 
        As of now, no particular name has been arrived at, minutest scrutinies on them of course are assiduously going on in Tughlaq Lane residence of Rahul Gandhi and "War Room" of the party at GRG Marg. 
        If Punjab happenings are of sure indication, analyse political analysts, at the 11th hour before changing Baghel, there will be a revolt against him in the party MLAs wanting his removal, efforts will be to appease them, it will fail, eventually Baghel will resign and make way for a new CM under whose leadership and Chief Ministership, the Congress will fight next assembly polls in the state. In all likelihood, if the party wins, he will be the CM. By the way, indications of this all was available since recently when the entities above visited Delhi, wanting Baghel's removal as he had lost his charisma. But then, they were advised to stay put till "right time" comes...the right time's here now, say insiders in the party.