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Ashwini Vaishnaw +Ve To The Core


soumitra bose

Just inducted Central Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, to say the least 'bout him, is fully +ve on 'telecom'isation (its actual description needs a detailed study+facts at a glance) of the country in the real spirit of the term' --- minus its previous minister Ravi Shanka Prasad, humbug-sounding but no performance in line with PM Modi's 'demand' from telecom being neck deep engrossed in redundant political mumbo-jumbo that, if all, only considerably damaged Madi, providing handle to the Opposition to jeer at Modi; he has since been dropped from the Ministry; he now is an 'occassional "his(?) master's voice in the BJP" --- keeping in tandem with the PM's "urgently required implementation of telcomisation of the country for all round accessibility of, accountability to each and everything in the country 24x7. Once this happens in reality at the soonest, the country will be on upward progresses matching most advanced countries like USA etc wherein, "call" or telecom has made it a Ist World country, to put it bluntly. 
      Ashwini Vaishnaw is steering the cpuntry exactly there. It will be progressed manifold by 2024, year of next Lok Sabha Elections in the country. A new India will elect its "new government" then perhaps repeating Modi to do more telecom-like wonders in the country so that it indeed will be looked at extremely hopingly all throughout the country, analyse insiders in Vaishnaw-Ministry