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Ragini Nandwani: Tough for actors to keep personal emotions at bay

Mumbai, Nov 14 IANS) Actress Ragini Nandwani of 'Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein' believes the job of an actor is not easy.

The actress feels that even though the work opportunities are increasing, actors take up projects which they are most comfortable with because they can't do multiple jobs at the same time. She thinks it's about the comfort of taking multiple jobs.

According to her, there are various aspects to be covered being an actor. "I honestly believe if you have a good team and if you prioritise things, it's not that difficult so I think it's the team that matters in my case," she shared.

An actor hardly gets time for his or her emotional self despite delivering emotional scenes on-screen. "An actor's job is not easy I believe. We work with all possible human emotions as a part of our job, so somewhere we get so neck deep with this that taking out time is a luxury at times. Talking about emotional self, I think as an actor, you leave all personal emotions at home because they can come in play during our work because we emote a particular character on screen," she said.

Actors are generally said to have more relationship issues. "I think any job you do, it's compatibility that makes or breaks a relationship. Yes to an extent, the working hours are odd at times which the other person might have issues with. That can drift relationships at times. But again, it's all about understanding in every relationship, be it with an actor or anyone for that matter," she said.