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Not unification, Delhi govt's help will work wonders for MCD: Adesh Gupta

New Delhi, Oct 10 (IANS) As the national capital is stepping closer to the 2022 Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections, the BJP which has been ruling the civic body since 2007, is planning to bank upon its performance to repeat its victory.

Interestingly, despite ruling the civic front, the saffron party has been unable to form a government in the national capital since 1998.

IANS talked to BJP Delhi president Adesh Kumar Gupta to know what's on party's agenda for the MCD polls due to take place in April, next year.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. There is a view that if MCD is restored to its pre-2012 form, all its financial issues will be solved. Do you also think the same?

A. I do not think unification of the civic bodies is a solution to this problem because the trifurcation of the corporation was done to make it function in a better way. Municipal Corporation of Delhi is like a charitable organisation that looks after the issues pertaining to health and education of those who cannot afford these basic facilities on their own. Therefore, Delhi government's assistance to the corporation is integral to the proper functioning of the MCD but unfortunately, today the Nagar Nigam (Municipal Council) is being used as a political tool and it is not getting all the assistance and help that it needs from the city government. Instead of unification, Delhi government's help will do wonders for the MCD and people of Delhi.

Q. What changes have been seen in the MCD after Covid-19?

A. MCD had its own challenges during the pandemic but the corporators looked beyond those hurdles and kept on doing their best for the smooth functioning of the city. So in a way, this difficult time provided both MCD and BJP with an opportunity to serve the people of Delhi.

Q. What issues will be the top-most priority of the BJP if it wins MCD elections for the fourth time?

A. Delhi has a huge problem of garbage and its management. So that will be our main focus. Apart from ensuring proper functioning of municipal schools and hospitals, we will also take steps to uproot Dengue from the city.

In the last few years, we have shut down over 300 dhalao ghar (garbage collection centers), which used to be in the open, causing even more filth and diseases and have installed compactors in place of them. From these compactors, the garbage goes to waste processing unit. This move has improved the cleanliness level in the capital. Similarly, the condition of municipal schools and hospitals too has improved in the city.

Q. What about the major landfills in the capital?

A. Due to multiplicity of agencies, we have faced problems in setting up Waste-to-Energy Plant at landfills in Delhi. However, post-installation, these plants along with tumbling machines will help reduce the landfill to a great extent.

Q. Delhi High Court has recently said that the national capital has failed on the civic front as dengue cases are on the rise again. What do you have to say about that?

A. In comparison to the last few years, Dengue cases have in fact come down in Delhi. MCD is also checking and fumigating areas to ensure that mosquitoes do not breed. In the present scenario, the viral infection is still under control.

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