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No water taps in UP Police lock-ups now

Agra, Nov 17 (IANS) Lock-ups in the police stations in the Agra Zone will not have taps and water pipelines.

This is being done in view of recent custodial 'suicides', especially, the one in Kasganj where a youth allegedly hanged himself from a water tap.

Earlier, a Dalit working as a sanitation worker at Jagdishpura police station in Agra, had died in police custody after being accused of theft from goods room last month.

Rajeev Krishna, the Additional Director General (ADG) Agra Zone Police, said, "There are certain guidelines already existing for interrogation when suspects are taken into police custody. However, after two cases of custodial deaths in Agra Zone, one at Agra and other at Kasganj, these guidelines are being reiterated, and police chief at district level are being asked to ensure compliance of these guidelines."

"The suggestions include not to have water tap and pipeline in lock-up at a police station. Electricity connection should be avoided, and the source of light should be away from the lock-up but still proper light inside is to be ensured. There should be proper frisking of suspects brought to the lock-up to ensure that he is not carrying blade, stoles or strings beside other objects commonly used in suicide," the ADG said.

These guidelines also require that the guard at the lock-up should keep constant vigil to note the activities of the suspect. The in-charge of police station should also be aware of those brought to police station lock-up, he added.