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Nishant Bhat doesn't want to get into a relationship inside 'Bigg Boss' house

Mumbai, Oct 11 (IANS) 'Bigg Boss 15' is all about fights, and also making relationships. We often see the contestants getting close to each other. But every person has a different take on this.

And same goes for contestant Nishant Bhat, who is not keen to make relationships but is open to friendships.

Bhat said: "Love inside the Bigg Boss house is a big NO for sure, whatever has to happen will happen outside. But yes, friends and bonds for lifetime are for sure."

When asked about the reason behind his point of view, Bhat said: "The sterility of the house is such that you will need someone. But that doesn't mean that the other person will be my partner. Falling in love is a very pious process for me. I don't want to rush into it at any cost."