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Musician Vineet Singh Hukmani: The Grammys are the ultimate validation

By Durga Chakravarty
New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) Vineet Singh Hukmani, a global chart-topping artiste has three Grammy submissions in its four mainstream categories.

The musician says that the Grammys are the ultimate validation as the "world's foremost music award, judged by the most talented music peers".

Hukmani, who has studied electronics engineering in Bangalore and is a Harvard Business School alumnus, has four tracks in the categories - Best Rock Song, Best Melodic Rap Song, Best Pop Solo Performance and Record Of The Year.

Talking to IANS about his Grammy submissions, Hukmani said: "In 2020, I had one single called 'Mask' submitted for Grammy consideration in the mainstream Rock category. This year, thanks to some renowned voting jury members, I was overwhelmed to see three of my singles submitted for Grammy consideration in four mainstream categories."

"Namely, 'Jab The World' in Rock, 'I Pray' in Melodic Rap and Record The Year and 'Turning Back Time' in Pop."

Hukmani, who prior to becoming a singer was in the radio business, is ecstatic how "hard the Recording Academy members are working to make the process and results as fair as possible."

"Their ongoing communication to ensure every artiste and voting member understands their responsibilities is nothing short of inspiring!"

He is now looking forward to the nomination list, which will be out on November 23.

"The Grammys are the ultimate validation as the world's foremost music award, judged by the most talented music peers. However the odds to make the nomination list are huge and I am sure every submitted artiste is waiting with baited breath for the nomination list on November 23, now that the voting round is over," he said.

"I am just so grateful to be able to achieve the quality needed to make the list of the top 20,000 songs in the world submitted across over 80 different categories. All you can do is do your best. Winning or not is not in your hands," added Hukmani, who has featured on world radio charts amongst the likes of international names like Drake, AC/DC, Doja Cat, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa.

Hukmani in 2021 has released nine singles in myriad genres such as rock, hip-hop, synth, funk, rap and pop.

What are the challenges and benefits of being a multi-genre artiste?

"The creative benefits are huge as you never feel tied down. The learning benefits are even more because each genre sets you up to learn new creation, production, diction and other techniques," he said.

Hukmani says that each genre has its own set of global influencers.

"It gives you an expanse to enjoy and then discover what you are really good at. This helped me keep an open mind throughout my music journey this year."

He added: "My biggest benefit of the multi-genre approach has been the ease at which I find my songs, now being accepted, listened to and voted for on global radio stations."

Hukmani, who has just released his ninth single 'PFH. Party From Home', also explained the challenges of being a multi-genre artiste.

"The challenges are being able to motivate yourself to do a single every 45 days. The uncertainty of seeding a new genre each time causes moments of self doubt. The refining of each song takes so much time," he said.

"The feedback you receive from those who work with you is not always good and you need to go back to the drawing board. But these challenges make you stronger and there is no fun if there are no challenges," concludes the radio veteran.

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