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Musician Kiara Chettri: Never thought I could ever say I've made it to Grammy ballots

By Durga Chakravarty
New Delhi, Nov 20 (IANS) Kiara Chettri, who is just 18 years old and is preparing for her class 12 Board exams, is one of the youngest musicians making it to the Grammy ballots.

The musician says she "never thought I could ever say I've made it to the Grammy ballots" and finds it truly unbelievable when she learnt of such a possibility.

Kiara's orchestral melody 'Why', has led her straight to her very first Grammy submission under the very competitive 'Best Pop Solo Performance' category.

Kiara, a Delhi-NCR-based artiste, in a conversation with IANS talked about her thoughts on her first ever Grammy submission at this young age.

She said: "It's truly unbelievable, to be honest, I was very, very thrilled and surprised when I learnt of such a possibility! I never thought that I could ever say that I have made it to the ballots of the Grammys. I watch the Grammys every single year and then something like this just so so cool!"

Kiara added that she is truly grateful for all the love and support she has received over the years, and calls it her "greatest accomplishment".

"I'll never be able to adequately express my joy. I adore 'Why', and I've always known that this song would make me proud. All I can say is that regardless of what happens ahead, I'm just thrilled to have accomplished what I have, and as an independent artiste, I'm delighted to report that my music has made it onto the Grammy ballots," she added.

Kiara has released songs from the age of 15. Asked when did it finally feel like she has properly set foot in the world of music?

"I think for me mentally, the day I released my first single, I programmed myself to believe that yes now this is it, this is going to be my life and I have to continue to have the discipline and passion I have for my art. Having this mindset from the beginning is what makes me want to work hard no matter what."

Kiara first released her maiden track 'You'll See' at the age of 15 followed by her first full length album at the age of 17 called '4 am'.

It was in 2021 that she unveiled 'Why', produced by popular Grammy-submitted singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon.

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