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Makeup Artist Cherry Deol Shared 5 Tips for Brides to be!

Makeup Artist Cherry Deol Shared 5 Tips for Brides to be!

Searching for wedding make-up tips for your big day? Look no further, as we've gathered 5 tips for the brides to be with the help of Pro Make-up Artist Cherry Deol, Founder of Makeup by Cherry. To ensure you look perfect for your wedding, from your outfit to your jewellery and from your skincare to your makeup, here are 5 things to look out for.

1) Start taking care of your skin!

Ensure you begin taking good care of your skin at-least 3-5 months prior to your big day as you would require that excellent glow from within. Apart from this, continually taking good care of your skin is something worth being thankful for. Don't get your facials done closer to the D-day as you don't know what can harm your skin if there would be a slight possibility for acne or breakouts post the facials/treatments, so you should have plenty of time on your hands to let your skin heal!

2) Makeup Trials

Getting a makeup trial will ease your mind as you'll be able to discuss everything together with your Make-up Artist before the wedding. Some Make-up Artist's offer half/full face trials with which you'll be able to make them understand the kind of look that you prefer, take some pictures along of the kind of look that you like for reference. Make sure that you get your trial done as soon as you book your Make-up Artist.

3) Eat Well

Not only will a healthy diet make you fitter, but also improve your skin. In order to gleam and glow from the inside, you'll need to start a healthier lifestyle. Ideally, you should start working on your healthy diet at least 3-4 months prior to your wedding. It's always a good thing to be healthy and fit!

Makeup Artist Cherry Deol Shared 5 Tips for Brides to be!

4) Outfit and Jewellery

Now we all know how difficult it gets when choosing that perfect outfit & matching the jewellery. Cherry suggests, "you should always shortlist some of the outfits and jewellery options and ask your family & friends for their suggestions". Moreover, scroll thru the internet for some idea's, you can always ask the designers & the make-up artist for their expert advice.

5) Relax!

Planning a wedding can be a tough task, a bride has a lot to plan and it's stressful, we know. So take a spa session, hang out with your girls, basically relax! The least you would want is a stressed out face on your wedding!

—The Hawk