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Maintaining Hygiene


Vijay garg

Wearing a mask at all times, washing hands frequently, using a sanitizer and maintaining social distance have been the key initiatives one must follow to be safe from COVID-19. Today, with the expected third wave of the pandemic, it is all the more important to take the necessary precautions to ensure good health. Collective hygiene Also, with the resumption of normal timings, although curfew is still being maintained, as also with the opening up of public transportation, people have finally been able to move around, be it for work, leisure or even travel; but do remember that basic hygiene and sanitation is one's own prerogative, important to see to it that not only do they remain safe, but also look into others' wellbeing,
Towards this extent, the more precautions we take, the easier the fight to the virus. So not letting the guard down at all times,
following all COVID related protocols, and obeying government advisories will allow us to collectively contribute towards defeating the pandemic.
Moreover, seeing to it that we do not crowd public places, as also maintain social distancing at all times is mandatory, So even if you are taking public transport for conveyance, make sure that you do not crowd and follow all safety protocols for public conveyance.
Personal hygiene Now when it comes to personal hygiene, it is imperative to take up extensive sanitation measures at all times. So be it washing hands and sanitizing them as well with a sanitizer, on a regular basis, please do so and don't forget
Also, wearing a certified mask is mandatory,
irrespective of you being vaccinated with a single dose or double dose. It is seen that many are taking it lightly when it comes to wearing a mask, and the piece finds itself perched on the chin or below the nose. Moreover, many are also hesitant to don one, citing breathing and sweating issues. This mindset also needs to be changed and wearing a mask has to become mainstay. After all, it is the first line of defence when it comes to protecting yourself from the coronavirus.
Moving on, a proper healthy diet is among the main necessities required today to build good health and stamina. Eating the right food and sleeping at proper times, as also getting good sleep is important to have a positive effect on your health. Building immunity
is key to fend off the virus, and therefore having a healthy diet chart and eating proper food aids to do so.
Moreover, during the lockdown, as also work-from-home becoming the rule for many organizations, exercising has not been on the agenda. This has not only had a negative impact on the body, but has also led to weight issues. In times like these, correcting this trend has to be sacrosanct and exercising regularly and following a fitness regime should be made as a valuable part of the daily schedule.
Finally, the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health as well. Participating in daily yoga classes will heal our senses and relax our minds.
With the world opening up in stages and in phases, it is time to treat
 carefully and look forward to good health for all!