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Komal Unawnay makes her acting debut with Mohit Chauhan's new song 'Tu Jahaan Phir Mile'

Mumbai, Nov 20 (IANS) 'One Way Ticket' producer Komal Unawnay has made her acting debut as the lead of Mohit Chauhan's recently released song 'Tu Jahaan Phir Mile', which has crossed more than a million views.

Talking about the song and her experience of working with the Indipop pioneer, Unawnay said: "It is set in the beautiful and picturesque Kashmir and Mohit Chauhan's voice is playing in the background. When my director Lucky Hansraj told me that Mohit will be the singer, I was so excited."

She added that the song narrates the story of a girl who is unwell and her partner makes her travel to the stunning mountains so that she recovers from her illness and starts enjoying life all over again.

On Mohit, Unawnay sounded delighted when she said: "What can I say about a legend! He has already mesmerised us with his melodious voice. I still remember his music album 'Duba duba rehta hoon baton mein tere'."

Opening up about her acting debut, Unawnay recalled: "There is a funny story behind it. I was producing a TV commercial for a brand and at the last moment there were some issues with the model. But our shoot date had been finalised. So our director asked me to shoot. My team was really surprised and appreciated the way I did my job."

She added: "Then I saw that Lucky was making this beautiful music video. When he narrated the story, I liked the concept. He then proposed to me the idea of casting me as the lead in this project. I took my time to mull over the idea, for I have always worked behind the camera. I know what it takes to act in front of it. So yes, it's purely hard work and passion on both sides of the screen."

Uanawnay's upcoming projects as producer are 'Kamarattoo', a Hindi remake of a South Indian film written and directed by Lucky Hansraj. Another film is a comical drama titled 'Aanchhi'.