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James Blunt: I'm the least cool person in the world

Los Angeles, Nov 15 (IANS) Singer James Blunt admits to lacking an aura of coolness and he points to an embarrassing incident at Glastonbury to prove his point.

Blunt said: "There's a moment where I went out and crowd-surfed. There's 80,000 people in that field and I'm crowd surfing. I'm Glastonbury. I'm main stage. Maybe for a moment if my life I'm cool. Maybe I'm cool.

"And then as I get back to the stage, it's too high for me to climb onto. There's a guy on the stage and I don't recognise him and I can't get up so I'm shouting up to him - 'Help me! Help me!' - and then I suddenly realise he's actually the BBC TV cameraman and I'm shouting 'Help me!' out to the nation.

"And so, that realisation of realising - 'No, no, no ... I'm not cool at all, I'm the least cool person in the ...A world' - certainly was a highlight."

He has recently become well-known for the sarcastic comments he makes on Twitter, reports

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker has revealed how he deals with trolls on the micro-blogging platform.

Asked if he has a Google alert for his own name, he told JOE: "I don't, for the one reason that in Ibiza, where I live, it just sends me a whole load of Spanish ones which I can't understand. What I occasionally do ... I don't tweet that often but I go on once a month, scroll down a whole load and see if I can find something entertaining and fire that off.

"My label has just asked me to be on TikTok now, as well, which I thought you were only allowed to be on if you were somebody who could gyrate in a small bikini or something like that and I don't know if I can fit into my bikini anymore."