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Hard seltzers are the flavour of the season

By Kosumbi Roy
New Delhi, Jan 8 (IANSlife) Every New Year's Day begins with careful drinking resolutions and ends with a hangover. Many individuals find the thought of celebrating without champagne, wine, or whisky odd.

Hard seltzers are currently the hottest craze in India. They're an alcoholic beverage produced from carbonated water, alcohol, and fruit flavours.

Hard seltzers have earned worldwide acclaim, with celebrities such as Travis Scott, Gordon Ramsay, and Priyanka Chopra praising them. "There's no guilt!" says Chopra Jonas. She's only recently discovered hard seltzer, but there's no turning back now. "I love bubbles, but when you're at Sunday brunch and the rosé comes out, it just feels heavy after a while." Because hard seltzers are gluten-free, they leave you feeling light and rejuvenated with no bloating.

They are suitable for keto, paleo, and vegan diets, making them an obvious choice for health-conscious people and fitness buffs. People adore sipping drinks and hard liquor during busy party seasons, but we're constantly worried about hangovers and consuming too many calories the next day. You'll never have to worry about too many calories, bloating beers, or sugary cocktails with hard seltzer. This approach to beverages is a terrific start, especially in this age of increased knowledge about the health benefits of more sustainable and mindful diets.

Wild Drum, an Indian brand, has launched a line of hard seltzers, an alcoholic beverage with no calories to worry about. It's gluten-free, vegan, and contains a fraction of the calories of a typical cocktail. Pure, Lemon Mint, Mango, and Peach are the four flavours available in two strengths: 4.75 percent ABV and 8 percent ABV. The drink is great for the new beginnings that we all wish for, with only 90 calories per can!

"The entire rationale for entering the underserved hard seltzer industry is to provide Indian consumers with a guilt-free drinking experience." As a wonderful blend of a hydrating and refreshing alcoholic beverage, hard-seltzers are becoming increasingly popular around the world. "It's a better alternative to beer because it's healthier," said Kosumbi Roy, National Sales Head, Wild Drum Beverages.

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