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Goa assembly poll victory paves way for victory in general elections: Chidambaram

Panaji, Nov 20 (IANS) A victory in an assembly poll in Goa usually serves as a good omen for the victorious party in the subsequent general election, former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said on Saturday.

Chidambaram who addressed a public rally in South Goa's Mormugao town, also said that the BJP governments both in the state and the Centre had grown too "arrogant" and "beyond mend", exhorting the people of the coastal state to put an end to the governments in coming elections.

"This government will not mend its ways, we cannot make this government mend itself, we have to therefore end the government of Goa in February. Whoever wins Goa wins India. We won Goa in 2007, we won India in 2009. We lost Goa in 2012, we lost India in 2014. We will win Goa in 2022 and we will win India in 2024," the All India Congress Committee senior observer in-charge of Goa said while addressing a rally against price rise in Goa.

The former Union Minister also said that both the governments in Goa and at the Centre only understood the language of electoral loss, which Chidambaram said, was the only time the ruling BJP dispensations thought about course correction.

"The governments in Goa and Delhi have become too big, they've remained too long in power, they are too rich and they have become too arrogant. They will not listen to the people of India. For months we have been protesting the high prices of petrol and diesel," Chdidambaram said.

"They did not budge. But after the by-election results after the BJP lost Himachal Pradesh and suffered massive reverses in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, within five hours, the prices of petrol and diesel were reduced," he added.

The Prime Minister, Chidambaram said, decided to repeal the three controversial farm laws, only because he had received feedback that the party was due to face a setback in the upcoming assembly elections in five states.

"This government does not fear democracy. This government does not fear Parliament. This government does not fear the courts, this government does not fear the people of India. This government only fears a defeat in elections. Therefore the lesson for the people of India, the lesson for the people of Goa is this," he said.