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This Is Not Education System.....It's Rhetoric

Education System

Vijay Garg

Launched on the online platform in 'Kota Factory' web series (2019), in the first season this series was raising the board of advertisements for un-academy online classes, but still there was some thing that it caught on.  Most of those who were watching were due to competitive examinations.  Whatever may be the result, whether they have studied in Kota or not, but along with their schooling, they have also endured the stress of these examinations.  That's why when Season 2 of 'Kota Factory' came, a
Finished the whole season in the evening.  How the first season proved to be a profitable game that the name of Un-Academy also disappeared and the season was released directly on 'Netflix'.  'Kota Factory' has started the talk on the issue which is in dire need of thinking today.  After all, what is to be gained from such examinations and self-depressing studies?  As Maheshwarisar says in the series that only 0.004 percent of the people will get a chance to go to IIT and the one who doesn't win is not a man.
Isn't this the thinking of society, parents, who are sending children away from their homes to study in fifteen-sixteen years, because they feel that if the child does not study in a reputed college, then life is wasted!  There is another series on 'Netflix' itself 'Alma Matters' This documentary series is made on the students studying in IIT and the students who have passed out from there.  The heart breaking thing about this series is that even after going to IIT, most of them do not know what they have to achieve from IIT.  Actually, this is the best example of education system and sheep.  The first Prime Minister of India was the birth of taking the country forward.  His thinking was that the country could progress only with the help of science and that is why he started not only dams and power plants, but also started the Indian Institute of Technology in the same period to teach science to children across the country.  It was a matter of pride to study in these institutes.  The one who went to IIT once, got attached to IIT for life.  Today there are twenty three IITs across the country and lakhs of children knock on its doors every year, the only difficulty is that the doors open only to a few people.  Those who have given any professional education exam in the country know that there are few people who will get a chance to be happy even after so much hard work.  Of those who passed the examination and entered it, how many of them are there, who would understand by going across the door, if he
Even if you didn't, you wouldn't have to be wrong.  Those who remain on this side of the door, they feel sorry for life that I wish!  We could go that way too.  This complete system is a dreamland game.  Such dreams, which are like fantasy to heaven, just once you reach college, see it.  While explaining in 'Kota Factory', Jeetu Bhaiya says 'Don't dream, make them M and then it will be easy to achieve', but while saying this, forgets about those people who risk their lives on such a test.  Yes, they have only one purpose to pass.  When such people were not selected, was it their fault?
It was only a matter of two days ago, when giving birth to a child in Rajasthan, the girl reached the very next day to take the exam.  If his result turned out to be less than expected, would his lack of goal achievement be a reason?  Otherwise, IIT, IIM, no medical or engineering college or any such examination can decide the betterment of life.  If this were the case, then why are people coming out of IIT's and IIM's appearing everywhere today, from comedy to acting, because the reason is that neither the result of the examination nor the college studies nor the jobs after that are able to give comfort, inside  It is not in the hands of the failures to fill that void.  It doesn't mean that studies are useless.  Such colleges and institutions are necessary for those who have a clear and strong reason to go there, be it IIT or medical college, but those who want to go there just because everyone is doing the same, then there is a need to open new colleges.  From space to the ocean and from performing arts to music and art, refine these paths and see that millions of children will not crowd the doors of IIT.
    —The Hawk Features