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Revolt Brewing For Meitei


Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Virtual revolt brewing for Meitei to be the only language in Manipur. Currently, Meitei or Manipuri is the official language of Manipur. It is spoken by little above 50% of the people of the state. Rest 49% speak innumerable languages that so far were tolerated by the original Manipuris. But now they do not want to tolerate them any more. They want only Manipuri to be spoken in the entire state, come what may. This way, clear signs of a statewide overt revolt brewing all throughout the state. Many “hidden” ultra units in the state are becoming active on the “only Manipuri language in Manipur” issue. They want Manipuri or Meitei to be only language for Manipur, of Manipur, by Manipur…A clear sign of a “sure bloody culmination unless nipped in the budding stage now itself”, opine senior Manipur leaders, albeit, off the record. They unanimously are in consent that it is indeed inscrutable that innumerable languages have been patronized in the state thereby virtually robbing the state of its original “Manipurism” that is abs different from the people pursuing their own cultures via their languages that any way are ununderstandable in the state by the original Manipuris. They in the process are fast being reduced to minority, losing rights of being original residents of the state, opine the state’s intellectuals frankly. They thus are consolidating among themselves and are preparing for a “battle for Meitei or Manipuri and English” all throughout the state. No other language.
Currently indeed, confusion, chaos reign supreme in the entire state as one is forced to wonder, “where is Manipuri”. That’s because the following languages, diversely different cultures, acutely “weird mannerisms” are freely pursued reducing the original Manipuris to Spartan minorities in their own state which they are fiercely resisting now.
Languages apart from Manipuri or Meitei that are pursued now in the state are:  Thadou,Tangkhul, Poula, Rongmei, Mao, Nepali, Paite, Hmar, Liangmai, Vaiphei, Kuki, Maram, Bengali, Many Others, much of which are unfathomable….
Official language Meitei includes Sanamahis, Meitei Christians, Hindus, Meitei-Pangals and Manipuri Brahmins (locally called "Meetei Bamons"). The Meitei language (or Manipuri) is the lingua franca in Manipur and is one of the languages listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. Manipur has a diverse group of ethnic groups speaking different languages and dialects, practising Hinduism, Christianity, Sanamahism, Buddhism, Islam, and other folk religions.
Besides Meitei, which is the official language of the state’s people in Manipur, there is a huge amount of above linguistic. Almost all of these are Sino-Tibetan languages, with many different subgroups represented. There are multiple Kuki-Chin languages, the largest being Thadou. Another major language family is the Naga languages, like Tangkhul, Poula, Rongmei and Mao. Less than 5% speak Indo-European languages, mostly Nepali and Bengali.
Again, the official languages are Meitei language and English in Manipur. Where are these, ask awniors in the state unabashedly. According to them, why destroy Manipur’s ‘Manipurism’? It will not be tolerated any further, clear view on that, say majority.