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Rahul Impresses Kovind

Rahul Impresses Kovind

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Like it or not, especially "the critics, cynics", Rahul Gandhi has mighty impressed the country's first citizen President Ram Nath Kovind. In his "inaugural meeting with Rahul Gandhi itself Kovind understandably listened to him in rapt attention as he went on yapping why Central Home Minister of State Ajay Mishra should resign from his ministerial berth + immediate enquiry by sitting Judges so that the 'real truth in minutest details' on broad daylight killings of agitating farmers by Ashish Mishra, son of Ajay Mishra who apparently had threatened the farmers with dire consequences allegedly indicating his killing them".
Understandably, Kovind listened to Rahul with utmost rapt attention, commisserated with him, his petition, his urges, his appeal/s which were all heart-touching. Sitting with him attentively were other senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mallikar-juniah, A K Antony etc. They too were impressed with "Rahul Ubacha-ha" as they waited for Kovind's reaction/s that were mighty spontaneous, favourable for Rahul Gandhi, coming as it was from "Mananiya Rashtrapati-Ji" who, without doubt, is guardian/patron to the country's nearly 140-145 crore countrymen. Hence he is undoubtedly the best assessor of the entity or entities in front of him, thanks to his "X ray eyes", "Chanakya like shrewdness", "astute human recognising ability" (ever watched how he looks in to the eyes of Narendra Modi when face to face with him in official ceremonies/functipns). This way, his assessment of Rahul is abs bang right in the sense, he kept the "RashtrapatiJi" fully engrossed in him as he put forward to him his 'plea'  no-holds-barred. 
Indeed Rahul successfully has impressed Kovind, say insiders, with his "impeccably articulated parlance, sans any thing 'grotesque'."