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Rahul Dares BJP

Soumitra Bose

Daring Rahul Gandhi (Gandhi for G, G for Jee, which ever it is, its OK) dares Hindu-protagonist BJP on their Hindu-credibility by asking them what so far they have done or are doing for Hinduism, Hindu after yapping "Jai Mata Di" in the crowded congregation in Jammu after visiting Mata Vaishno Devi stoically like any other Hindu, he prayed, did all rituals et al. Assembled media persons, masses in his assemblies admitted Rahul is so right, on dot pin pointing the "correct truth (by the way, truth today can be correct and incorrect unlike before)" about them. His logic has its roots in their peculiar lackadaisical approach toward Hindu-sanskriti after coming to power. Before coming to power, they are strongest votary of Hinduism and all dirrectly, indirectly related (un)savoury phenomena despite even against similar views of many masses. Once in power like now, they are Hindus how, arise questions, according to Rahul Gandhi. 
        Reacting to Rahul Gandhi (he abides by "Aapko Mirchi Lagey To Mai Kya Karoo...Fact Face Kariye"), BJP's ubiquitous, omniscience Spokesman cogent Samvit Patra, a household name among the media, says that "RahulJi has the tendency to down play, disparage...He should check his facts before uttering such comments..."
        Not to be outdone by such "crap", "bunkum" from the BJP, "fact-finder Rahul Gandhi simply has evinced that BJP is all but Hindu-revering absolutely contrary to what they propagate about themselves". But yes, they are fully successful in driving never ending wedge in the society creating clear 'permanent' rift among the peoples of all hues, point out Congress insiders keeping full fledged tempo with Rahul Gandhi's daring comments on the BJP. 
        ...Thus Rahul spake on BJP, its non chalant attitude toward Hinduism, Hindu Religion, Hindu culture et al, ploughed in a tremendous support of his views, aver many J&Kites unabashedly.
—The Hawk Features