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Priyanka Vadra From Now

Priyanka Vadra

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Priyanka Vadra from now on...No more Priyanka Gandhi or Priyanla Gandhi Vadra or Priyanka 'X'. Only Priyanka Vadra or Vadra or Ms Vadra or Mrs Vadra or Shrimati Vadra or Srimati Vadra from now on...come what may. Such finality has come about in Varanasi or Benares or Kashi just at the time of reporting this: Priyanka in the timeless Varanasi has decided to do away with 'Gandhi' tag behind her name as suffix or surname to rid herself of all covert, overt or ambivert malevolence, maleficence, maledictions associated with that, disclose insiders right-n-left to her nearly 24x7. This way, the 'tag' Vadra too has received 'national recognition', all set to become  'international' any moment for obvious reasons of natural compulsion. 
Very shrewd move on part of Priyanka, widely seen as the 'real "Jhansi Kee Rani" by innumerable UPites whose numbers are fast swelling in numbets within UP and outside as well', comment the mighty excited UPwallahs who normally refuse to accept any entity as a proven leader. With Priyanka, they are adopting a different practice --- after all, she is now seriously sweeping floors (as evident in Lakhimpur Kheri, Sitapur, Varanasi + elsewhere. She, understandably, will continue to sweep floors, clean clothes, wash utensils, do nursing etc like "any one next door in the country without any ado of any kind". Most notably, she may well do "Hindu Chandal like" last rites for "dead" to evince she is as much Hindu as any Hindu. She will take trips to Gaya to partake of "final rites" of the Hindu thereby evincing herself a complete Hindu by all standards, yard stick. Priyanka, The "Hindu Naari" by all standards, is widely seen as winning all Hindus, their sub communities etc by such act/s. 
At the time of writing, she is in Varanasi. She already has taken above vow. Her announcers in the city podiums already have begun addressing her as "Priyanka Vadra Madam" or "Vadra Madam" or "VadraJi" --- not at all to be confused or mixed with  Vadra Robert, husband of hers. Quip party people in Varanasi: "Pujaniya PriyankaJi has finally received ashirwad from 'Baba', 'Annapurna' in Benares"...From now on, she will know no stopping till she reaches at UP Vidhan Sabha fully triumphant, assert they. ...Yes, Priyanka Vadra seemingly is 'extremely at home' with Vadra as her second name after Priyanka. She is smartly clicking with the otherwise recalcitrant UPites rather easily, effortlessly.