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Priyanka Tibrewal Vie Against Mamata

Soumitra Bose

Cherubic, pleasing Priyanka Tibrewal on behalf of the BJP against "invincible" Mamata Banerjee in ensuing Bhabanipur by elections for the West Bengal Assembly. ...A sort of "unknown" compared to Mamata Banerjee in Bhabanipur, West Bengal as such, BJP has calculated Priyanka may well give lifetime run for money to Mamata if not simply defeat her outright surprising all and sundry. Say observers that Tibrewal will be supported by big cross sections of Bhabanipur masses comprising Sikhs, Punjabis, Marwaris, UPites, Biharis, Jharkhandis, Marathis, Gujaratis, Madhya Pradeshis etc. They together comprise more than 80% of total fully cosmopolitan Bhabanipur votes. They since long have been wanting to vote for a non-Bengali who will be purely "by them, for them, of them" with no tears shed for the Bengalis, strictly seen as "out and out as only pro-secretarian" meant for miniscule number of Bengalis in Bhabanipur, comment insiders. They hold same view for Mamata Banerjee as well who though officially is "fully secular", comment BJP members in the Bhabanipur "anchal" that is now more than half tilted toward Tibrewal. Her elections will be supervised by illustrious BJP MP Arjun Singh who has many an axe to grind against "Mamata Thakuma" (Mamata Paternal Grand Mother). A Purvaiah himself, Arjun Singh already has tightened his leash on his kith and kin ordering them to go all out against Mamata Banerjee to effect her neat defeat without any delay of any kind. 
        Also backing her will be her numerous Supreme Court colleagues (she is an advocate therein) from Delhi thereby lending "mammoth credence" to her "success as Bhabanipur-MLA of 2021". BJP's numerous members from all throughout the country are already assembling in Bhabanipur to add to the "national flavor" to Priyanka Tibrewal, fluent in Bengali by the way like most Marwaris in that state West Bengal comprising Bhabanipur. Expectedly, many national BJP leaders are also keenly expected to lend weight to Priyanka to give a drubbing to Mamata, confide insiders in BJP unabashedly. 
        Interestingly, undisclosed so far, the "real" Priyanka, Priyanka Gandhi (+ Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rehaan Gandhi, Mairaa Gandhi) will actively, widely campaign for Mamata Banerjee. Already, the Congress has abstained from contesting in Bhabanipur and is supporting Mamata all lock, stock and barrel. 
        From BJP point of view in Bhabanipur, khela hobey, Mamata ebaar choley jaabey, Didi gaayeb hobe, BJP jeetbey...
—The Hawk Features