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Priyanka Jitters Varanasi

priyanka gandhi

Soumitra Bose

New Delhi (The Hawk): Priyanka Vadra (virtually)  jitters Varanasi or Benares or Kashi...Varanasi's all 5 MLAs have begun trembling, fully jittered by the sky-renting blatant crowds in her public rally sending those 5 MLAs (Ravindra Jaiswal, Jyotsna Srivastava, Neelkant Tiwari, Saurabh Srivastava, Neel Ratan Singh Patel) etc in the district "frozen", in sheer "tizzy". They now see no chance of their "victory" in the next assembly elections in the state, such "Priyanka-storm" virtually now is sweeping all throughout the timeless Varanasi; its district, its MLA seats, its MLAs, their councillors, gram panchayat leaders, 99 per cent of  whom are BJPites. 
Utterly nervous, they have already flooded the Varanasi-ccentric PMO, Narendra Modi is Lok Sabha MP from Varanasi, in Bhelpur, part of Varanasi South assembly constituency, with repeated SOS pointing their sheer helplessness + haplessness + haywire + hackneyed in keeping the Varanasi district's people with the party.  Because they are "fed up" with 0 development in entire Varanasi despite sky high promises, assurances, inaugurations etc by the "Mananiya Pradhan MantriJi". They thus have switched over their en masse no-holds-barred support to Priyanka Vadra. She now has become synonymous with "UP ka agla Mukhya Mantri kaise ho, bejhijhak Priyanka Vadra hi ho" + "Hamara Dukh-Dard Kaun Door Karega, Priyanka Vadra, Priyanka Vadra" +  "Kashi Putri, Priyanka-Priyanka" + "Priyanka Se Jooro, Benares, Kashi Bachao, Saath Mein UP Sambhalo" etc. It was indeed not anticipated that "lowly considered" Priyanka would virtually "sweep" Varanasi by addressing only a single public meeting of course over packed with unparallel crowds of all hues earlier seen only during Varanasi MP Narendra Modi's public meetings in 2014. 
Priyanka Vadra, all set to romp victorious in UP polls to become CM of that state from then on while addressing Varanasi public meeting, is of course reportedly mighty excited about her hence Congress'  bright prospects in UP starting from Varanasi, earlier in Lakhimpur Kheri...From here on, she is being considered as "saviour" of UP's current masses-affecting maladies, maleficence, maledictions, sufferings of all kinds from bottom to top...She is indeed being considered all throughout the UP state as ridder of all masses' forced-hiccups that are directly affecting their very basic life. They thus want an immediate end to their  "-ve life". 
For that, they are resorting to Priyanka, en masse. Priyanka herself is not disheartening them, 24x7 prepared that she is to rinse the UPites of their sufferings. They term those sufferings as their daily life-affecting which of course is a serious charge. According to them, unlike before in UP, narrowest possible caste, sub-caste divisions, discriminations and like are at extreme resulting in hindrance of free movements in interiors, semi interiors of the state. Even the so called urban areas in  the state are not free from that malady resulting in utter divisions in the state's societies, hence deprivation, thus very hindrance to the basic life style that is now closted within tottering confines. Add to that political hounding by the ruling party's local bigwigs may not be every where but it is very much there writ large in the whole state day in, day out.
From all this and more UPites-unsettling anti-masses phenomena currently in the state, the state's masses are immensely liking "Priyanka Jitters Varanasi" and her desperately looking forward to her more such desperados in the ensuing days so that at the time of next state elections, she becomes "pro-talking point in majority of house holds in the entire state".