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Encourage students to read books at an early age

Vijay Garg
Reading books not only enhances one's knowledge but also broadens one's perspective.  He departs from the realm of narrow-mindedness and embraces humanistic ideas.  Large libraries have been built in our society.  For those who love to read books, the library is nothing less than a boon.
In today's era, authors are writing books on new subjects which not only increase our knowledge but also provide right direction to life so that mind can be free from subject disorders.  Libraries satisfy the desire of the common man for knowledge. Parents should inculcate the habit of reading books to young children and students by teachers in school, so that their knowledge can increase continuously.  From smallest to biggest book always increases our knowledge. The only requirement is when and how to acquire this knowledge.  Books give us information about the past like past wars, wars, kings and emperors, martyrs, sacrifices of patriots etc.
 Political books play an important role in getting information related to politics.  Literary books inculcate such knowledge in man which makes him aware of good thinking, good looks, time companions and cultural aspects.  Apart from these, books also provide us with the knowledge of many other subjects.  Good books have always played a creative role in our lives.  We should encourage children, students, youth and people of all ages to read books so that a better society can be built and the evils spreading in the society can be curbed.
Books have a very important place in our life.  But in today's era, the trend of reading books has become very less.  Maybe that's a factor in why they're doing so poorly.  Students find it more important to use phones in their spare time than to read, but the knowledge we need to get from books cannot be obtained from any other source.
—The Hawk Features
   While the knowledge of books can make a human being a good, comfortable, fit and courageous human being, if they are misused, they can also give the opposite form to the human being.  So good teachers can be used for good and proper knowledge.  Not every knowledge can be qualified in every age so the acquisition of knowledge is fine with age.
   Books play an important role in shaping our character.  We should be friends with them, because a true friend is the right guide in life and books give the right direction to our life.  Reading books is not a waste but we get a lot of information from them.