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Daring Dilip Doer

Soumitra Bose

Dilip Ghosh
Daring Dilip (Ghosh) doer...The non-recalcitrant West Bengal BJP Chief+Rajya Sabha MP Dilip Ghosh in the most daring "goal", 'exclusive with The Hawk', is consolidating to-be-fished out of ruling Trinamul Congress Party MLAs in to the BJP to stage a coup against Mamata Banerjee at Nabanna/Writer's Building. Remove her, her government from office, instal BJP Government in place of the current TMC Government. What's more? In his Mamata-bhagao modus operandi, till it happens in reality "out of blues" to catch her totally unawares, he is fast zeroing in on his targeted TMC MLAs who are far too willing to cross over to Dilip-side, help him instal first ever BJP Government in the state. (Till that happens, Dilip Ghosh officially will go on hammer and tongs against "her, her Government, her party, her misdemeanours, her misuses, her malafide operations, her 'she-ccentric' operations, her "wrongful protections", her self serving protagonisms implying she is Bengal, Bengal is she, thus Bengal is only her fiefdom, et al. 
        Daring Dilip is due to negate all this with his "fully prepared Damocle's Sword" near-ready to 'strike' on TMC Government, reveal state BJP insiders. According to them, Dilip Ghosh in his current "instal BJP Government in Poschim Bangla" venture has full sanction from the national BJP High Command in Delhi. At the same time, Dilip Ghosh will continue, as now, his present caustic campaign against Trinamul Congress, Mamata Banerjee, directly/indirectly related mal-phenomena so that the masses of all hues in the whole state fast become anti-ruling coterie. Simultaneously, they "most immediately" look toward the BJP as "immediate" alternative for the TMC that will be mass-ostracised. 
         Now on to basic arithmetic of what number of MLAs are required in 295-MLA West Bengal Assembly to form "basic government in Nabanna". 148 MLAs or 50% of 295 (147+1=148) is required to form government in West Bengal. BJP has 77 MLAs currently in the state assembly meaning 71 short of required 148. Ruling TMC has 213. In the ensuing days, out of 213 TMC MLAs, 50 per cent of them numbering 107 more or less will cross over to the BJP making its number of MLAs 77+107=184, at least 36 more than required 148 MLAs. Now here it be mentioned Ghosh with his "secretly spread inside TMC" aides have already fished out their targeted MLAs who due to "this reason or that reason" are fiercely furious with TMC leadership including Mamata Banerjee and are most immediately looking for an alternate pad for themselves so that they are at ease, say insiders around them matter-of-factly. Ebullient Dilip Ghosh is providing them that, disclose insiders around him. In exchange, a BJP Government in West Bengal. Wow!
—The Hawk Features