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Composite Defence At Last

arjun tank

soumitra bose

 Country's first ever --- required since 1947, at least --- composite defence at last is here. Today's new raksha mantralaya, its related army, navy, air force have been brought under a single umbrella. This means, in grass root terms, in need of "immediacy", in the wake of any eventuality, there will be no confusion of any kind among army, air force, navy. This will tantamount to a "united attack" by all 3 as a single unit pouncing upon "enemy/enemies" simultaneously catching it/them totally unawares, opine related analysts willing to remain nameless for obvious reasons of "redundant exposures".
      More unitedly/tightly put, Indian Army from now on being a single composite unit will be dreaded much more, kept at a safe distance. After all, they representing around 140+ Cr Indians can't be taken lightly and face a "humiliating drubbing", opine related insiders. 
      According to them, in uniting Air Force, Navy, Army, "Mananiya Raksha Mantri" Rajnath Singh played a great role in 'emptying the 3 stolid forces' decades old individual ego, bring them on a single table, convince them of being 'one and only' Indian Army, one and only one, fully invincible, come what may but not possible when remaining split among 3 separate units. Rajnath Singh-dose worked...They agreed. Therafter the result of it today is here for the entire world to see, digest, grasp that India truly is 'impeccable unity personified in  divetsity, howsoever acute that be. Today its evident in Composite Defence At Last As A Single Unit, observe the 3 forces' PR bosses matter-of-factly.