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Special Online Lecture On Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

Special Online Lecture
Chandigarh (The Hawk): The Department of Gandhian and Peace Studies in collaboration with Panjab University Alumni Association, PU, Interdisciplinary Centre for Swami Vivekananda Studies and Department of Art History and Visual Arts, Panjab University, Chandigarh  organized a special lecture of Professor Anamik Shah, Former Vice Chancellor, Gujrat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad on the topic “Mahatma Gandhi on the canvas of Indian freedom struggle” to commemorate the  Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, today.
Professor Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, PU,  in his inaugural address,  highlighted the importance of the day by explaining the history  and contribution  of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri In the freedom struggle. He urged  the youth to take inspiration from the practical work of these two great leaders to change the outlook of the nation. He further added that our Prime Minister while launching the second stage of Swachh Bharat has emphasised that the Principles of Gandhian Ideology is still relevant. 
In his address, Professor Anamik Shah emphasised that to understand Gandhi we have to see him from different perspectives and dimensions. According to him, Gandhi believed in step by step progress to bring about transformation, he diligently observed the Indian State of affairs before jumping into the freedom struggle. He developed a connection with people by understanding their needs. Everyone considered Gandhi as their own whether they be socialist, communist, revolutionaries or moderates and even by the Britishers at times. His means and methods were all inclusive. Infact by stressing upon the use of vernacular language for education, he won the faith of the Indian masses. Congress leaders and other freedom fighters like Desh Bandhu Das, Motilal Nehru and others left their lucrative careers under his influence in 1920 and joined in the creation of the different institutions which are still running in the present times. He further added that Gandhi was a visionary, he could look beyond the obvious and hence suggested that the Tilak Swaraj Fund be utilised to promote charkha and make the nation self-reliant. Acharya Javadekar in his Adhunik Bharat highlights how Gandhi by declaring that 'violence will not be the right method and strategy to fight with the British', took a centre stage in the minds of the people at BHU. He is a modern man for the virtues as he possessed and a classic for his distance from vices. 
Earlier, Prof Manish Sharma, Chairperson of the Department introduced the topic and speakers ,other invited guests, faculty members and informed about the different events organized from 28th September, 2021 onwards which included special lecture of Dr. Sanjay Joshi on the topic “Understanding Sardar Patel and His Contribution to India”. On 29th September, 2021 the department organized the online painting competition of the school children and of the Department students and faculty members. On 30th September, the department organized the online lecture of Dr. Christian Bartolf on the topic “Mahatma Gandhi and Aldous Huxley”.  
Professor Anupama Sharma, Dean, Alumni Association, Panjab University opined that as we celebrate the birth anniversary of two of the most iconic leaders in the history of India, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, the way they dealt with adversity and encouraged people to stay true to the cause while leading by example, is something that stands true even today. She said that Gandhi’s uniqueness did not lie in the fact that he was extraordinary but in his being extraordinarily ordinary and this simplicity of his was reflected in his thoughts also. In the end, she proposed the vote of thanks.
On this occasion Best Mali Award for the year 2021 awarded to Sh. Hari Ram Mourya S/o Sh. Ram Asre Mourya, the prize includes a cash award of Rs. 2100/- with certificate. After that the results of the inter school on the spot painting competition were also announced and the students who got Ist, IInd, IIIrd and consolation prize were awarded the cash prize as 1000/-, 700/-, 500/- and 300/- respectively. Though earlier only 2 prizes of consolation were there but due to the large number of participants the number of consolation prizes were increased from the Department side. The details of the prize winners are like this:
Sr. No.    Name of the Student    Name of the School    Prize
1.    Harshita, Class-5-C    Ankur School    1st
2.    Shubhkarman Singh, Class-6-D    Ankur School    2nd
3.    Shruti, Class-4-B    Ankur School    3rd
4.    Harshit Thakur, Class-7-B    GMSSS-Sector-20-D Chandigarh    Consolation Prize
5.    Supreet, Class-6-A    GMSSS-Sector-20-D Chandigarh    Consolation Prize
6.    Mannat, Class-1-C    Ankur School    Consolation Prize
7.    Hitesh, Class-4-C    Ankur School    Consolation Prize
8.    Abhinav,         M.A. 1st Semester    Consolation Prize
9.    Rattandeep Singh, M.A. 3rd Semester    Consolation Prize
10    Karamjeet Singh, M.A. 1st Semester    Consolation Prize
11    Mandeep Kaur 3rd Semester    Consolation Prize
12.    Bhai Harshdeep Singh Chahal, M.A. 3rd Semester    Consolation Prize
13    Dr Seema Malhotra    Consolation Prize
14    Dr. Kusum    Consolation Prize
The event was attended by the senior faculty members of the other departments and other parts of the country also and also by the research scholars and Master students of different departments.