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Shoolini University: Literary session held on autobiography

Shimla (The Hawk): Belletristic, the literary society of the Department of English, Shoolini University, organized another literary session based on the autobiography of Baby Halder titled ‘Aalo Aandhari’.
The invited speaker for the session was Dr. Sapna Pandit, a faculty member at Nalagarh College, Himachal Pradesh.  Apart from the invited speaker, the panel consisted of the faculty members of the English Department, namely, Manju Jaidka, Tej Nath Dhar, Purnima Bali, Neeraj Pizar, Navreet Sahi, and Rajesh Williams.  
The speaker began the session with an introduction to Baby Haldar and her life history. She was a domestic worker who faced domestic violence, poverty, and distress. Her autobiography traces hardships in life which may also relate to the experiences of women living in rural areas. In the entire story, the sad plight of women in a male dominating society is well described.  It concluded by a Vote of thanks by Neeraj Pizar.    
Belletristic, Shoolini Loves Literature Society, meets every Friday and holds discussions that are live-streamed on Facebook pages and have a very wide reach.  Next Friday the society will be back with another session titled ‘Covid’s Metamorphosis: One Year Later’ in which there will be speakers from India, USA, Serbia, and Brazil, sharing their experience of the last one year of the pandemic.