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Group-D Staff Jobs By School Service Comm Comes Under Cal HC Scanner

 Group-D Staff Jobs

Ashok Chatterjee

Kolkata (The Hawk): The Calcutta High Court, hearing the case of irregularities in the appointment of group-D staff by the West Bengal Central School Service Commission, issued a stern order on Wednesday, the second day of the hearing.
Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, hearing the case, will again hear the case on the third day, Thursday at 2 pm.    
The Calcutta HC also ordered to stop the salaries of 25 people against whom there have been cases of irregularities. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, hearing the case, directed that the 25 would not be paid without the permission of the court. And they have to tell the court how they got the job.
Earlier on Tuesday, Justice Gangopadhyay, in a strong-worded statement to the School Service Commission, had commented that if irregularities are found in the appointment process then the court may opt for an investigation by the CBI and that the office would be taken over by central forces to get to the bottom of the case.
Following the advice of the state and the plaintiffs, the judge has indicated that he may conduct an inquiry with a retired high court judge. However, it has not been finalized yet.
The case took an interesting turn after the statement of the commission on Wednesday. The commission, in a statement said that there were no recommendations on the appointment of the questionable 25 people.
The statement can also be construed that the appointment was not made by the commission. And the court wanted to know this information in written form. The judge remarked, “The court has to be informed by affidavit that the appointment was not recommended by the commission. Only then will the nature of the investigation be determined.” A question has now arisen that if the commission did not recommend the appointment, then how did the 25 people get the job? The court is also taking strict steps to get his answer. The high court has directed the commission to inform in writing how the 25 got the job.
Commenting on this, Justice Gangopadhyay said, “The court wants to know from which agent the recommendation for appointment of 25 people has come. This time it is understood that the recommendation for this appointment has been bought for a lot of money.”
The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday was ‘surprised’ by the irregularities in the recruitment of group-D staff. The court had summoned the secretary of the Central School Service Commission to come up with the records within 24 hours. On Tuesday, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed the SSC secretary to come to the court with the required documents by 10:30 am on Wednesday to know whether there was corruption in the appointments.
In 2016, the state had recommended the recruitment of about 13,000 group-D staff. The commission conducted examinations and interviews. They also formed a panel for this. The term of that panel ended in 2019. Allegedly, even after the expiration of the term of the panel, the commission has made a lot of appointments.
Also, such allegations have been made against the regional offices of the commission. A case was filed in the high court regarding the appointment of questionable 25. The case came up in a single bench of Justice Gangopadhyay on Tuesday. Initially, the judge thought that there may be confusion in the recommendation of the appointments. “Enough is enough,” he told the commission. “This means that the commission has no control over the regional offices. All the facts and figures point towards that. How can such a commission work?”
The commission’s lawyers told the court that they would investigate any such irregularities. An inquiry committee should be formed for this. After hearing this, the judge indicated that the investigation of this appointment may be given to the CBI. “The formation of an inquiry committee is nothing but trying to cover up the issue,” the judge is supposed to have said. Job seekers for the post of work and physical education have already been agitating against the commission and also have leveled charges of corruption the appointments of teachers, whose names figure in the bottom of the merit list, instead of ones whose names are in the top of the list.