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Amarinder Evinces True Grit

cap amrinder singh
soumitra bose
New Delhi (The Hawk):
Amarinder Singh repeats evincing his true grit, righteous self esteem, sagacity by relinquishing Punjab Chief Ministership. This at a time when there is cut throat race for CMship, powers disseminated by the CM within the state, to other states, to national level, to international level examples of which already are writ large whatsoever be that's consequences, comment political analysers emphatically, but nothing of that sort at all with Capatain Amarinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala with "50 years' political experience behind him during which he has been direct witnesses to many emphatic rises and falls...CMship thus is 'sparrow', not even 'chicken' for him.
        He of course stays put in Congress, according to his own admission, now and will be in consultations with his supporyers wanting them to suggest him what should he do next. Only after he is fully equipped with all views, he will take his "next action", says he. According to him, before resigning from CMship, he spoke with the Congress President (Sonia Gandhi) and let her know of his decision in the wake of awful insult hurled at him. It resulted from the Congress MLAs of Punjab called in Delhi without his knowledge contrary to the opposite conventions. In other words, he was deliberately slighted, insulted, humiliated which he was unable to digest any further. He thus put in his papers...Now it is for the "High Command" to decide on the next Punjab CM. He has no say on it, says the ebullient Captain. 
        Mentionably, at least three entities want to admit him in their "team", give him a 100% free hand to guide that party in to victory in the coming Punjab Assembly Elections. Those political entities are: BJP, Shiromani Akali Dal, Aam Aadmi Party. Also, Bahujan Samaj Party (its founder Mananiya Kanshi Ram was pedigreed Punjabi Brahman, extremely close to the Captain), believe it or not, Communist Party of India (its late national leader Satyapal Dang was extremely close with the Captain all along dragged on to today's D Raja, chief of CPI), imagine! Trinamul Congress Party whose many leaders already are in deep pow wow with the Captain et al. ...But as Captain days, for the time being, he is in the Congress. At the same time, it is abs true that he is excellent rapport with Mananiya Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi hence, the BJP, today's "Awaal Number" in the whole country, overtly observer political observers of all hues. ...True grit of Amarinder Singh indeed is fabulously noteworthy in back drop of all these, opine the above.