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Digvijaya Singh leads march to BJP MLA's house in political tug-of-war

Bhopal, Nov 24 (IANS) A political tug-of-war between former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijaya Singh and BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma escalated on Wednesday after a delegation led by the veteran Congress leader, holding posters with slogans 'mai gandhiwadi hun' (I am a follower of Gandhism), marched from Mahatma Gandhi's statue at Minto Hall in Bhopal to Sharma's residence in Hujur area in the state capital.

MLA Rameshwar Sharma on Tuesday in a viral video had threatened to smash the knees of Congressmen if they enter his area. After this, Digvijaya Singh announced to perform Ramdhun at Rameshwar Sharma's residence on Wednesday (Nov 24).

As per plan, Digvijaya Singh along with his supporters marched towards Sharma's residence under heavy deployment of police, but they were stopped 200 metres away from Sharma's residence.

Shouting slogans - 'we are followers of Gandhism', Congress leaders sat at the police barricade and started chanting 'Gandhi Bhajan'. However, learning that Digvijaya Singh along with his supporters was at the police barricade, Sharma reached the spot and asked the police to allow them (Congress leaders) to come inside his residence where a 'kirtan sabha' was being organised.

Sharma said that "I will leave no stone unturned to welcome the guests and will apologise to them (Congress leaders) if I am short of anything."

However, after Singh left the venue, Sharma said "We were ready to welcome him (Digvijaya Singh) but he left for some other place."