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Delhi Teachers' University Bill passed by Assembly

New Delhi, Jan 4 (IANS) The Delhi Assembly on Tuesday passed the Delhi Teachers' University Bill, as the government asserted that the city-state will set a new benchmark in teacher training in the country.

"Teachers graduating from the Delhi Teachers' University will lead India to become a Vishwaguru. No country develops into a world leader because of its political leaders, it is the teachers who lead a country to become a Vishwaguru," said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, while participating in the discussion on the bill.

"The Teachers University Bill is being passed by this Assembly. With this University, the quality of teachers in the country will be enhanced and will be celebrated across the world," said Sisodia, who also hold the charger of Education.

"The Teachers University of Delhi will produce such talented teachers who will lead this country to become a Vishwaguru. It will also set a new benchmark for teachers' training in the country," he added.

The university, spread over 12 acres of land in Bakkarwala village, will have lecture halls, digital labs and a library with world-class facilities for 5,000 students.

Sisodia said that when there were teachers like Chanakya in universities such as Takshila and Nalanda, India was recognized worldwide. "India's education system was discussed across the globe. Once again, those days will return and our country will be recognized as the Vishwaguru, and Delhi Teachers University will play a key role," he added.

Alleging that the UP government and the Prime Minister are copying the Kejriwal model, he said that the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of a Sports University in Meerut, after Delhi had done so. He also said that he wanted to see how the Sports University was being built in Meerut.

"It was pleasant to see that the Sports University in Meerut, where the foundation stone has been laid, was being developed exactly as the Sports University of Delhi because till date neither Gujarat nor any other BJP governed state has created any such model from where they could copy," he added.

He claimed that the BJP is not serious about education. Today, the Central Government in the country increased the fees of IITs from Rs 90,000 to Rs 3 lakh, and IIM fees increased to Rs 23 lakh. "This is unfortunate. This will make it difficult for the children of common man to get admission in these institutions," he added.