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Political Parties To Follow Model Code Of Conduct, Maintain Peace And Order: DM Saharanpur

DM Saharanpur
Saharanpur (The Hawk): A meeting was held with political parties regarding the model code of conduct and peace and order in relation to the assembly general election 2022 in the Circuit House auditorium, in which District Magistrate Akhilesh Singh said that as per the instructions of the Election Commission, any kind of rally till January 15, 2022,  Procession etc. have been banned and any political party or candidate is not allowed to use land, building, compound, wall etc. without his permission for making flag, hanging flag, pasting notices, writing slogans etc. And not to give give permission to their followers.
 He said, " Banners, flags, posters will be banned on any public property.  Banners, flags or posters can be put on private buildings.  Provided that permission in writing shall be obtained from the owner of the building.  This permission will be made in duplicate.  One copy will be on the owner of the building and the other copy will be on the candidate.  The name and address of the printer and publisher will be printed on the main part of the poster and pamphlet that the candidate will get printed.  The candidate can operate any number of vehicles for the purpose of campaigning.  However, he shall have to obtain permission from the Returning Officer to operate such vehicles and that permission shall be prominently displayed on the windshield of the vehicle in the form of a pamphlet.  The vehicle number and name of the candidate will be mentioned on the permit.  The permission for the propagation of vehicles will be taken online by the candidate and this permission will be given online by the Returning Officer."
"The Section 144 has come into force in the district.  A list of persons involved in election related offenses during the last two elections will be compiled.  The list of habitual offenders, declared absconders, absconding criminals will be updated.  Service of pending warrants, challans and list of pending warrants will be updated.  The investigation and prosecution of pending election offences should be expedited.  Illegal liquor manufacturing factories will be traced and action will be taken to confiscate them.  Action will be taken to investigate and confiscate illegal arms and ammunition.The criminals will be arrested by conducting continuous raids.  Weapons license and ammunition shops will be 100% checked.  Licensed weapons deemed necessary for the purpose of conducting free and fair elections and maintaining law and order in the elections shall be confiscated.  No person will travel in the district carrying arms or make public display of weapons.  All political parties and candidates will not carry effigies of members of other political parties or their leaders, nor will they be burnt and demonstrated in public places.", Dm said.
  He added, "All political parties and candidates will not use loudspeakers from 10 pm to 6 am.  In the assembly election, the security deposit by the candidate is Rs.10,000 for general candidates and Rs.05 thousand for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.  The limit of amount to be spent by the candidate in the assembly constituency will be Rs 40 lakh" 
 During the meeting, Chief Development Officer Vijay Kumar, Deputy Election Officer/Additional District Magistrate (Administration) Archana Dwivedi, Additional District Magistrate (V/R) Rajnish Kumar Mishra, SP City Rajesh Kumar, Assistant District Election Officer Alok Kumar Sharma and officials of all political parties were present.