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AIIMS Rishikesh Medics Succeed In Removing Whistle Stuck In Lungs Through Bronchoscopy

 Lungs Through Bronchoscopy
Rishikesh (The Hawk): Doctors at AIIMS Rishikesh have succeeded in removing a whistle stuck in the lungs through bronchoscopy. While playing, this whistle was stuck in the lungs of a 9-year-old boy for the last 6 days. After recovering, the child has now been discharged from AIIMS.
The boy, a resident of Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh), was suffering from cough and mild shortness of breath for about 1 week. A few days ago this boy reached Pulmonary Medicine OPD of AIIMS Rishikesh. After X-ray and other tests, Dr. Mayank Mishra, Additional Professor Department of Pulmonary Medicine at AIIMS, found that a plastic whistle was stuck in the left lung of the child, due to which the child developed the symptoms. The family members of the boy told Dr. Mishra that one day when the boy was playing with the whistle with other children, it reached the lungs through his mouth. Relatives told that from then on the boy's troubles started. Seeing the condition of the boy, it was immediately decided to do a bronchoscopy of the child.
Dr. Mishra informed that in collaboration with Dr. DK Tripathi, Department of Anesthesia, bronchoscopy of the boy was done. After completing the procedure of about 45 minutes, the whistle stuck in the child's left lung was removed very carefully. He said that had there been a delay in bringing the child to the hospital, his condition could have been more serious. Dr. Mishra said that the child was kept admitted for two days for medical supervision and after recovering completely, he has now been discharged from the hospital. In this regard, Head of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine Prof. Girish Sindhwani elaborated that given the increasing number of such cases, family members need to be more careful towards the children while playing so that chances of such an accident are minimized.
Professor Arvind Rajwanshi, Director AIIMS has praised the team for performing this critical bronchoscopy. He said that due to the experienced and highly trained doctors in AIIMS, all types of high-quality treatment facilities are available. Apart from Dr. Mayank Mishra in the team of doctors who did bronchoscopy, Dr. D.K. Tripathi of the Department of Anesthesia and Dr. Akhilesh, SR Pulmonary Medicine and others were members of the team.