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How to Survive a Long Car Ride with Kids


Long car rides are generally fun. But if you have a bunch of kids on board, the journey can often become quickly exhausting for adults. Kids themselves can get restless over long journeys, and in helping the children calm down, the ride may become less enjoyable for adults. So, if you have a long ride coming up, and you’re taking your kids along with you, you’re going to need all the help you can get to survive the car ride.

Here are some ideas that can help you make the experience enjoyable for the children and for you.

  1. Stock up on food and water

Kids tend to get really hungry real fast. So, before you set out on your road trip, make sure you pack enough lite snacks. And water. Water is really important too. Take some reusable water bottles along, so you also fill them along the way if you need to. If your kids are well-fed and watered, they’re going to be much more agreeable. Also, as a side note, when stocking up on food, try not to include too much junk food or sugary foods. Instead, if you have the time, you could prepare some homemade snacks or healthy versions of junk food. 

  1. Have some fun activities on the plan

Your idea of a fun road trip may be a long drive with a lot of peace and quiet. But your children may have a different idea of what’s fun. So, make sure you have a lot of great activities and games planned for them. That can keep them engaged along the way, so they don’t become antsy and restless on the long ride. That said, when picking out fun activities and games that you can play during long drives, make sure that you pick out ones that are simple. Also, it is a good idea to take up activities that are not too distracting to the driver of the car.

  1. Keep room for bathroom breaks in your plan

Bathroom breaks are important, right? And when you have a kid or two on your trip, they’re even more so. In an adult-only trip, things may be more smooth-sailing. But with kids, you need to leave room for more bathroom breaks than originally planned, just in case. That way, they’re comfortable, and so are you. This is especially true if you’ve packed a lot of beverages or water since they’re more likely to make kids want to go to the bathroom.

  1. Carry all your documents to avoid unnecessary penalties

You need to hand in all your documents like car insurance, driving licence, PUC and car registration certificate. If you miss carrying these you may face trouble and would have to pay a traffic penalty as per your state government’s traffic rules. This will add extra burden on your pocket as a traffic challan is raised against your name for your car. Also, you need to obey all the traffic rules such as following the speed limit because the Indian government has implemented very strict rules. If you disobey the speed limit rule then you would be caught by the speedometer camera resulting in an e challan. You can pay your e challan online and check your challan status as per your convenience.

  1. Pack some warm fuzzies

Food. Water. Fun and games. We’ve checked all these boxes. But there’s one more thing left. And that’s the fact that your kids tend to get sleepy on a long ride. Unlike adults who can hold out on sleeping for quite a bit, kids generally tend to give into their sleepiness. Therefore, keeping them comfortable during the entire length of the drive is essential.

So, pack some warm fuzzies like their favorite soft toys and blankets, and some cushions to make the ride more homely and convenient for them. Well-rested kids are generally happier and more content than cranky at the end of the trip. So that’s one more reason to spend a couple of extra minutes making them feel more at home.


Speaking of surviving long car rides with kids, car insurance importance is something that needs to be addressed properly. Although these ideas can help you make a long ride a memorable experience, these alone aren’t enough to secure your journey. You’re going to need car insurance to financially protect your vehicle in case of an emergency, an accident or even theft.