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Bhavini Purohit: Actors take risks to pursue a pretentious life

Mumbai, Jan 9 (IANS) Actress Bhavini Purohit feels an actor always learns from the process of auditioning for roles.

She says: "I enjoy auditioning for roles. The more auditions you attend, the more experience you'll have with the process of trying out for roles. This experience can give you the confidence to continue auditioning or performing best after you are assigned for the role. Once you've gained experience and improved your acting abilities, it becomes easy to achieve success in showbiz. I feel auditioning for acting roles for commercials is great too as such projects can give you valuable on-screen experience that can add to your resume."

The actress who rose to fame after playing the role of Radha, an antagonist in family drama 'Saath Nibhaana Saathiya' feels actors are now pressured to market themselves to get a role.

The actress adds: "Nowadays there is a new strategy for finding a role in TV shows, is to market yourself. We are somehow pressured to use online presence, social media and networking skills to establish yourself to pursue in the showbiz industry. It results in the lifestyle of an actor that lacks depth or is pretentious."

The actor who featured in 'Jana Na Dil Se Door', continues to share the risk of acting pretentiously.

She shares: "Becoming an actor isn't just a job; it's a lifestyle. When you're an actor, you're always On Duty in that you have to be the flashy, entertaining, well-connected, suave person that everyone believes you are. It's really not a good idea but you cannot drop the ball."

"As soon as you appear normal and regular, you lose your glitter or your charm. They always have to be in the public eye, and they have to be consistent in who they portray themselves to be. Being an actor can impact a person's life so much that they begin to live pretentiously," she concludes.