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Belarusian Prez orders building tents for refugees

Minsk, Nov 14 (IANS) Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the setting up of tents and the distribution of relief supplies to refugees gathered near the country's border with Poland.

Lukashenko said that setting up tents must first help children among refugees and provide humanitarian assistance to other refugees, reports Xinhua news agency.

According to a report of BELTA news agency, on Friday, more than 10 tonnes of humanitarian relief materials were delivered to the border refugee gathering area.

These supplies included bread, canned food, milk, water, hygiene products and warm clothing.

The Belarusian Red Cross and Belarusian social enterprise organisations have all participated in humanitarian relief work.

Since November 8, the situation with refugees at the border between Belarus and Poland has become increasingly tense.

Belarus said there were border areas where more than 2,000 refugees gathered, while Poland estimated that the number of immigrants reached 3,000 to 4,000.