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A 12-12-5 model for digital success

New Delhi, Oct 14 (IANS) Why digitalize? Where to digitalize? What to digitalize? And how at all to digitalize?

The effective digitalization of business can make you a business leader; however, if not executed accurately, it can destroy your business too. Around 70 per cent of digital transformation projects have been failing. Even successful digitalization projects have become white elephants or expensive during the operations phase.

"Lean Digital Thinking" (Bloomsbury) introduces the 12-12-5 model -- 12 lean digital thinking principles, 12 digital business building blocks and 5 lean digitalization phases -- a brilliant guide that will enable business executives to become digital business champions.

Leading digital expert, author V. Srinivasa Rao or VSR, as he is popularly known, introduces the world's first lean digital thinking philosophy with 12 principles to acquire a new digital mindset and throws in critical questions: Why digitalize? Where to digitalize? What to digitalize? And how at all to digitalize? He provides lean digital methods, templates and frameworks for digitalizing 12 business building blocks at an optimal cost.

Further, new business models, products, services, processes, digital workplaces and operating models, driven by digital technologies, have been discussed with insights on how to leverage digitalization to get ready for the new normal that has emerged with the Covid-19 pandemic.

An effective practitioner's guide, this is a must-read for business and technology executives and anyone wishing to master the art of digital business.

V. Srinivasa Rao is the Chairman and MD of BT&BT Management Consultancy, and was the former Senior Vice President and de facto Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Tech Mahindra. He has worked with global customers in 25 countries. He featured in Fortune 500 (India), 2012, as one of the 'Rubber Souls' for Satyam Computers Turnaround story.

He is an executive coach, consultant and advisor to CXOs and senior executives on business digitalization. He is the Chairman of Smart Cities Working Group at Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), India, and a Member of Bureau of Indian Standards (Blockchain Smart Contracts ISO Standard). He is the recipient of awards from the PMI and Indywood.