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3 nabbed for stealing hard discs, DVR boxes of CCTV cameras

New Delhi, Oct 7 (IANS) Delhi Police have arrested three criminals who were stealing hard discs and DVR boxes of the government's CCTV cameras, an official said here on Thursday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sagar Singh Kalsi said that on September 22, CCTV cameras of various locations stopped functioning. On checking, the IVR (System having Hard Disc to store CCTV Footage) of 17 CCTV systems were found stolen.

The senior officer then constituted a team of 7 cops to probe the case.

The police team conducted a technical investigation and checked more than 150 CCTV cameras, consequently, two people were seen stealing government property in the early hours and escaping on a motorcycle.

After obtaining clear pictures of suspected persons from CCTV footage, which the police also spread on social media, both the accused identified as Rajan Billa and Pankaj, both residents of Rohini, were apprehended.

During sustained interrogation, the accused persons revealed the name of the third accused, identified as Chander Shekhar Chauhan, who was the receiver of the stolen property.

The receiver of the property admitted his role in the present case and two Hard Discs were recovered from his possession. Further, he disclosed that he had sold the rest of the case property to some unknown customers for Rs 20,000 and the same amount was also recovered from his possession.

In total, the police recovered cash of Rs 20,000, three Hard Discs (4TB), 5 DVR Boxes and one motorcycle that was used in the commission of the crime.